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Reseller Ratings

"I have tried several Intuit/QB resellers, and Ruth was the best, by far. She was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about her products, giving much better information than even the "experts" at Intuit. Don't look anywhere else."

"Ruth is the rocket scientist when it comes to Quick Books.  Whenever I am wondering if something will or will not work in the program I just send her a message and I either get an answer by email or the phone rings with enlightening conversation."

"I placed the order online and then called 5 minutes later to clarify the process for receiving my product. I spoke with Ruth who had already begun processing my order. She was a delight to speak with, very knowledgable and helpful. She walked me thru the upgrade process so I knew what to expect. All in all this was one of the best software purchase experiences I've had. Thanks Ruth!"

"The QB specialists provide excellent services and post sale customer care.  The knowledge, speek and expertise are great.  Ruth is both professional and personal in approaching people."

"I called Ruth after seeing her company pop up on Ebay as a great place to get Intuit software and advise. I called her and she answered the phone and helped with immediately even though I had not purchased anything from her! She was extremely knowledgable and friendly and very helpful in getting me a great deal on QuickBooks POS software!! Without her we couldnt have gotten our new business up so quickly and efficiently!! They are the company to call for any Intuit software!!!"

"The QB Specialists was a great help in achieving my needs for Quickbooks Point of Sale. They were extremely helpful while providing superior service with an affordable price. I will definitely use them for my future needs."

"Ruth and her team were a great help in finding a product that would work well for my new retail store. I had experience with the Quickbooks accounting program, but was unsure about a POS system. The Quickbooks Specialists provided me with great information about their product, and when I decided to purchase it, they were there each step of the way to make sure I was up and running with no issues. They also helped me find an expert in my area to help with training! I love the program, it is user friendly and allows me the time to concentrate on running my store, and best of all, I know I can contact them at any time with questions or concerns...and I will get ahold of them, not some automated system! Thank you Ruth, The QB Specialists!! - Amy Brighton Hydroponics, LLC"

"Information on site about product was very good and helped us in making our decision.  The online purchase process was easy and the product arrived on time and in perfect shape."

"Ruth & The QB Specialists are a great resource for the small business owner. Her assistance made starting our store up very easy and trouble free. "

"Great doing business with, thanks"

"At last I found a Quickbooks resellers that really understood the product.  They provided excellent advice, feedback and service on a fronts. I would not go anywhere to purchase."

"I have been very happy with my order from The QB Specialists.  We ordered a software upgrade for our QuickBooks.  It arrived quickly and set up was a breeze.  In case we needed it, we were told that staff would be available to answer questions."

"Since ordering the software, we've had some minor questions and we've been able to contact The QB Specialists for assistance.  We've always had a prompt response. Before finding The QB Specialists, I was ready to give up on QuickBooks; I felt like their product support consisted of selling new product.  With The QB Specialists, I have been able to get my questions answered quickly. The QB Specialists offer several support products and I will definitely be using their product again."

"We purchased Quickbooks POS 9.0 from The QB Specialists in July 2010.  We were having trouble with our QB POS 6.0 installation after a hotfix install and The QB Specialists  tried desperately to help us avoid the need to upgrade.  Unfortunately, every known fix failed and POS 6.0 was no longer being supported, so we opted to upgrade.  The QB Specialists had the best prices I could find and their service is phenomenal. Ruth Perryman is an absolute gem who clearly cares about the success of her clients, and she really knows her stuff.  I've already recommended them to a number of friends and clients, and I will continue to do so."

"Top notch customer service, extremely knowledgeable."

"I am so glad to have done business with Ruth and QBSpecialist. Thank you!!!"

"Perfect service. Ruth is very helpful. Fast shipping. I love my QB POS software. Will do business again in the future. Was cheaper buying from them than buying on Ebay."

"Working with Ruth and The QB Specialists was an excellent and valuable experience.  Ruth was incredibly knowledgeable about all products and options and was very prompt in responding to every question I had.  We are very happy with the purchases and support we have and continue to receive from The QB Specialists. Thanks. - Paul IT Manager Caroline's Gems and Jewels "


"Thank you for giving clear and concise directions for everything! I try to use QuickBooks Help, but I can never find the answer I am looking for. But here I can find exactly what I'm looking for. Very impressive. Thank you so much!"

"I had been searching for an answer to a QuickBooks returned check question and after trying many other remedies, Ruth gave me the CORRECT answer! I am very impressed with her knowledge of QuickBooks. Thank you so much!!"

"We just decided to outsource our payroll again and I had no idea how to track it in Quickbooks until I entered my question on the web and your page popped up. I had done some investigating into past entries since the person I replaced said at one time they used a payroll service then we brought it inhouse. I saw a journal entry he did a long time ago but still was a little confused about the process and just know if it was what I needed to do also. Your information was like having someone here showing me what to do and I feel I can go in confidence and will be doing things correctly."

"An essential service! You should not be running a Quickbook's product without support from Ruth Perryman. We have Quicbooks and POS systems running in our store and are in the process of adding POS to our second location. With guidance from Quickbook's Specialist both the planning and implementation our system expansion is a cake walk. I consider myself to be completely computer literate, and for this reason alone I have to say that Ruth's knowledge and dedication makes her and qb Specialist an essential Quickbook's service."

"I had a question and found QB Specialists via web search. I emailed Ruth and she got back to me within a few hours with a solution that worked perfectly. Thank you Ruth!  - Kevin :)"

"Thanks a million! I own and run a bead and glass art supply shop and recently purchased a QB Pos Pro system. I sell one product several different ways so this helped a TON! I can now break up glass frit from my bulk, and sell it in different increments without it coming from inventory until it is sold."

"The QB Specialist team and their blog/FB posts have been my source for answers to so many QuickBooks questions. From simple to more complex, they have been an unparalleled resource for me. Thank you Ruth and team! - Sharon"

"Glad I found your website, there is a lot of useful info and the newletter Tips and Tricks is aptly named because there is a lot of good information on hot topics. Keep up the great work so the rest of us can catch up.  - Thanks Brad"

"Ruth is the best! I have had to call on her a couple of times for QuickBooks assistance, and she has always been so gracious to answer my questions!"

"I read their blogs regularly and get a lot of good information about Quickbooks tricks and solutions. Thank you, and keep up the good work!"

"The QBSpeicalist provides a TON of useful and easy to understand information. I am delighted that I found this resource. Thank you."

"I am so glad to have done business with Ruth and QBSpecialist, for latin america. Thank you!!!"

"Best customer service I have ever seen! Priceless."

"I am so glad that I found your website. There is so much helpful information there. Thank you!!!"

"This was the best call I ever made. Contacted Ruth and she had my problems resolved within minutes. Then I scheduled to have one of her "guys" out (Brandon) and he cleaned up my files. I'm actually looking forward to tax season. Ok, I'm getting carried away. Make the call so you don't have to be stressed out like I was."

"Thank you Ruth!! Not only did you solve my Deposit Summary date problem; but, you did it in a very short period of time!!"

"Thank you for the important help on producing a payment report!"

QuickBooks Find-A-ProAdvisor

"I have used several of Ruth's solutions in the past few months. Her site is easy to search. The answers I have found have been straight forward and easy to implement. Thank you for sharing your insight."

"Ruth is fantastic! She is knowledgeable, courteous and fast. I sincerly appreciate her help and could not offer a higher recommendation to anyone considering her services. Thank you! - Kevin :)"

"There is just NO ONE like Ruth! I didn't have any bookkeeping knowledge before becoming one for my son's new business. Learning QB AND bookkeeping was challenging, but once I found Ruth, my stress level lowered significantly. I've emailed her soooo many times, and have ALWAYS received a reply. Sometimes it's within the hour, which blows my mind! Ruth is ALWAYS friendly, polite, and her answers are stated in a way that folks with little knowledge of bookkeeping are able to understand. Great job Ruth... you are a true blessing!"

"Ruth is always responsive and more than helpful If it was not for her my business would not run as well as it does using Quickbooks Her expertise is more than vaulable to me it is required! She is great!"

"An essential service! You should not be running a Quickbook's product without support from Ruth Perryman. We have Quicbooks and POS systems running in our store and are in the process of adding POS to our second location. With guidance from Quickbook's Specialist both the planning and implementation our system expansion is a cake walk. I consider myself to be completely computer literate, and for this reason alone I have to say that Ruth's knowledge and dedication makes her and qb Specialist an essential Quickbook's service."

"Ruth has been fantastic in helping us with our POS purchase in New Zealand when we were unable to get any help with the NZ Quickbooks agents. She offers amazing service and the best prices we could find. Nothing has been a problem for her and she handles everything quickly and efficiently. We will be recommending Ruth to anyone interested in a new POS sytem"

"This helped explain the logic behind the process and proposed a solution which I adapted to my situation. Concise, practical, and intelligent."

"Ruth was very responsive to my request. She learned enough about our organization to walk me through the best options for us - and I ended up with just the right solution, one that was less expensive than I thought I needed. Thanks Ruth!"

"Ruth has been a life savor for me on several occasions. The foreign QB support is helpful but having someone like Ruth who is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills is a must. Thanks for all your help!"

"Unbelievable online chat customer support! Fast response time, perfectly accurate, and always super friendly! The best customer support I have ever recieved!"

"This is the second time that Ruth has helped me with a quickbooks question and both time she was extremely helpful. She explains the solution in a way that the common person can understand and follow. Meaning you don’t have to have a doctorate degree in accounting to follow, she is clear and to the point. She is a wonderful recourse to have."

"Ruth & Brandon went through 8 years of cumulative payroll errors and helped me make corrections that our auditing accountant didn't know how to fix. The appointments were timely, friendly, and cost effective."

"I was desperate for some quick advice. I emailed Ruth from New Zealand with my queries and was genuinely surprised & grateful for her prompt, clear & detailed response. I can highly recommend Ruth Perryman to anyone requiring advice on QuickBooks"

"She explain in detail how I should enter the journal entry and how the "debit" and "credit" works and the account selection. Very helpful."

"Spent 3 hours reviewing your archive posts. The most valuable information I've found on POS. Not only tells how to solve problems, but also the why behind it. You're a Quickbooks Superwoman. Thanks"

"Ruth has "saved" me on three occassions. Her answers are straight forward and easy to understand. I can't believe this high quality of service is available at no charge! Thank you Thank you"

"Once again, Ruth rescued me in minutes after I spent over an hour trying to solve a problem. Her response is always quick and friendly, and I have yet to stump her. She has a thorough knowledge of both non-profit and for-profit accounting. I can't speak highly enough about her!"

"Ruth Perryman has responded to every distress email that I have sent her. I don't even want to admit to how many times Ruth has given me remedies for my QuickBooks mistakes and she always has prompt answers to my questions. I have been working with her assistance for over 6 months now; she has never failed me. I am always amazed that no matter what day of the week it is, or what time I inquire....Ruth has been there each time I have needed her."

"I am so glad to have done business with Ruth and QBSpecialist, for latin america. Thank you!!!"

"Ruth has really assisted myself and my employees with many various questions from Sales orders to accounting. I would recommend her service to any of my friends/family. She is very quick on her responses as well. She is the QB Queen!"

"Being new to QB Non-Profit Premier 2010 Ed, I was not understanding the reasoning behind the Undeposited Funds entries in the check register regarding the sales receipts (donations). I spent hours searching the Internet trying to fix something that didn't need fixing. Others offered very technical "fixes" that were too complicated to figure out, much less implement. I happened upon Ruth's website and after reading through it, I knew she would have the answer, and she did. Her site isn't just for other Pros with QB. She gave you the impression that any question you had, no matter how basic, would be welcomed. She didn't talk over my head, as others had done in their responses. Ruth offered suggestions on what Reports would enable us to get the most out of QB as it relates to our non-profit. I will definitely refer back to her site."

"I am a fellow ProAdvisor and was looking into QuickBooks payroll offerings and Ruth was very quick to help guide me through the choices Accountants and ProAdvisors have available. She answered my chat questions and shared some of her suggestions and offerings with me. She also presented a great webinar on offering payroll services to clients that went a long way in helping me make the decision about whether or not to offer payroll services. If you are in the California area I would most wholeheartedly recommend looking her up."

"Ruth was so helpful to give me the information about the differences between Premier and Pro. Especially the advantages of Premier over Pro when it came to specifics about General Contractor use. She was so thorough and gave real examples so that I will be better able to make my decision. Thanks Ruth. Did I mention how friendly she was? Felt like I was chatting with a very knowledgeable friend who was patient with my questions when I was slow to get it."

"I am very impressed with how available Ruth is. She is there with a response, as if she walks around with a computer connected to her brain 24/7. Thank you Ruth for getting me through some scary challenges. You listen well, apply your knowledge from years of experience, and laugh at the right time to ease the tension."

"Ruth took my information in a friendly professional manner. Advised me on a course of action that incidentally meant less money for her and better service for me. I will be doing more business with this company and referring people to them in the future."

"Thank you, Ruth. I can't tell you how pleased I am - I agonize over a problem, looking for a simple, long-term solution; and you solve the problem in minutes. As my now-grown kids like to say, You Go, Girl! Thank you"

"Ruth was awesome!! She responded to my question with a clear, detailed and accurate answer."

"Ruth provides excellent first rate professional service."

"Ruth's expertiese came through from the moment we started to speak. She was able to understand the issue and offer "plan A/B/C" solutions immideately. After we solved my current problem, she advised how the products I already have could be used more effectively. She could have upsold me into something I didn't need but instead advised how I could use the software I already have, more effectively. This is the kind of proffessional with whom I want to do business."

"Answered promptly and offered a solution to my problem. Thank you."

"Thanks to Ruth for pointing me in the right direction for my year-end reports...I appreciated the prompt reply...shows she cares...Aloha!"

"When I first started using Quickbooks on my own I felt overwhelmed and discouraged. However, with the help of Ruth and the Quickbooks Specialists, I now feel confident and comfortable using quickbooks. It is great to be able to ask them questions via email, and get a quick, helpful response."

"Ruth is an amazing resource. She has great recommendations and is always so extremely helpful. In starting my quickbooks experience, I found that the books that I'm reading and google searching never has all of the answers. Ruth is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I don't know what I would have done without her expertise!"

"Ruth was wonderful to work with and showed dedication and commitment to her customers by responding to me quickly and accurately. She was extremely helpful when I was under a deadline with one of my clients. It was a joy working with her!"

"Ruth has been very good in quickly scheduling my training appointments and answering any questions that I have about using Quickbooks to manage my small business finances - great job, Ruth, thx!"

"Ruth is a pleasure to work with and knows her way around Quickbooks and how to convey that in an easy to understand manner. I would recommend her to anyone needing assistance with QB. We also use her for payroll services and am very happy with how this is working out."

"Ruth was most helpful in answering my question regarding using QuickBooks remotely. She gave me the information I was looking for and provided resources for me to use to accomplish my goals. Thank you Ruth!"

"Ruth Perryman was quick and helpful. Unfortunately I was not able to get the answer I was hoping for, but I was hoping for something that QuickBooks does not do yet. Ruth did advise me on a few features in the direction of what I needed that I was not aware of. She was extremely helpful and I am grateful. Thank you =)"

"Ruth has been a great help in figuring out how to record silent auction fundraiser."

"Ruth helped me solve a complicated tax setup question. I had looked all over the web and couldn't find an answer. She solved the problem quickly. Thanks again!"

"I can not even bare to think of what kind of mess both I and my Quick Books information would be in, if it was not for Ruth. She has helped me to know and understand so much about the program. She always right there to answer my questions very quickly, and her knowledge and understand of QB along with her skill at puting it into easly to understand terms is really great, and to me she is a pearl found. If you need help, she can help and make your day run so much smoother as the stress melts away. Do not wait if you need help, she is wonderful."

"Ruth was fantastic. Without knowing me, she quickly responded to my email. Ruth's writing is clear and her answers helpful to a non-accounting business person. She went the extra mile and I highly recommend her. I plan to engage her firm as soon as my business is off the ground!"

"Ruth, has been a great help to me and our company. We are very blessed to have found her. Thank you to Ruth and her company."

"I've worked with Ruth, through Brandon, on a few occasions. While I am also a QuickBooks Pro Advisor I do not have the advanced knowledge that Brandon and Ruth do so when I run across things I can't do they are always the first ones I reach out to. I've also referred them to a number of other people for services as well and will continue to do so."

"Ruth was the only person to respond to our inquiry within a days time. In fact it came within an hour. Our question related to assigning the correct accounts to vendor discounts vs customer discounts. Our question was answered quickly and in an easy to understand format (for us slow guys!) and her answer helped us 100% with our issues. I would highly recommend Ruth and her company for ANY QB issues!"

"Ruth was very helpful in showing me how to simplify the booking of grant income to a nonprofit, from the initial setup of classes and accounts to the appropriate entries. She saved me many hours and a great deal of frustration. Thanks!"

"I have thoroughly appreciated the assistance and helpful hints provided! Thank you."

"Ruth joined my small group of Advanced Pro Advisors last year. Whenever one of us has a Quickbooks issue that is out of the ordinary, we email each other to assist and find a solution. Ruth always responds and provides us detailed instructions to fix the problem. I have a great deal of respect for her and say "Thank You" for sharing."

"Ruth was very quick in responding to my request for help. She has also been very patience and diligent in helping me to understand the processes that I needed to follow, to correct what I had done. And then to help me set things up the way they should be. She is very good at explaing things simply and with the detail that I require since I have very little knowledge of Q.B. or accounting procedures. I am most greatful for her help and kind way. I Thank You Ruth with a very large heart of appreciation. I only wish I was better with words to express my thankfulness better, as you are a real pearl found."

"Ruth was a huge help and solved our problems we were having. She is very prompt on response and very accurate. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of any quickbooks assistance."

"Ruth Perryman has been a key resource as I have been growing my business. QuickBooks can be intimidating at first, but Ruth has really helped me through it. Thanks!"

"Ruth graciously helped us solve our problem with payroll for our veterinary hospital. Her email communications were quick, friendly, and useful."

"Ms. Perryman helped us move past an internal Quickbooks challenge that had us stumped. Her knowledge of Quickbooks and how to use it within the context of a nonprofit was invaluable. The information was clear and succinct. She knew how to explain our solution in terms that non-accountants could understand. I highly recommend her for both new Quickbooks users needing a grounded approach and experienced users looking for that extra bit of insight or direction."

"Ms. Perryman provided us with succinct and clear recommendations that helped us move past an internal Quickbooks challenge. In addition to helping us understand our unique situation within Quickbooks, she also provided more than we expected regarding a solution that saved us both time and money. I highly recommend her for both new users needing a grounded approach to their bookkeeping needs, or experienced users looking for that extra bit of insight or direction."

"Ruth Perryman at Quickbooks Pro Advisor is exceptional. We can never wait to get her feedback so we can implement it into our non-profit quickbooks routine. We're so happy that we found her!"

"Ruth did an awesome job getting my landscape business set up on Quickbooks, and then spent countless hours tutoring me on how to use the system. She is fast, efficient, and an absolute pleasure to work with! She is always available to answer questions, and trouble shoot entries...I don't know where I would be without her & her dedication to service!"

"Ruth has been extremely helpful and explains what she is doing in terms that non-accountants understand!"